My name is Lucy Zirins and I’m a UK based independent singer-songwriter …and probably the most Northern person you’ll ever meet. I now live in the South of England, just outside London.

I’m passionate about music, books, art, food, fitness and self development. I’ve had struggles with my mental and physical health and I’m learning to overcome these day by day.

My life goal is simple: to make great music and to have a balanced, happy and healthy life.

This blog was born out of 10 years of making music as an independent musician and wanting to be open, honest, educational and share some thoughts with others, about what it is to exist in this world as a creative person and especially as someone doing the ‘DIY’ thing. The name of this blog came about because I have been rejected more times than you would care to know by the ‘industry’, and by my own very nature, have rejected the confines of what society deems to be ‘successful’.

I hope that you enjoy reading these posts.

More about Lucy’s music here: www.lucyzirins.com/about